At Mission Hills, we truly believe that Church isn't just a place to attend, but a family on mission you belong to; and we hope you feel welcomed by our Church family! We would love to get to know you more and even give you a free gift from Chick-fil-a.

In order to get your free gift, please fill out the form below. Don't worry, we won't harass you or sell your information.

Here's what you can expect:

1. A welcome letter from one of our pastors.
2. A free gift.
3. A little bit of information about the church.


Come as you are! Seriously, don't worry about getting dressed up - casual is the norm at Mission Hills. You'll find most people dressed comfortably in jeans.When you first walk in, you'll find our "Welcome Center" just inside the doors of the lobby. Stop by to find out what's going on at Mission Hills, sign-up for an event, ask a question, or get to know someone.Arrive early and grab a drink from the "Coffee Cart." Our Mountain View Cafe has just expanded. We offer coffee, soda, water, lattes and more - and yes, you can take them into Church with you.


9am Summer Chapel........................ 10:30am Celebrate ........................ 6pm Español........................ Our weekend services are the primary way we gather as a church family. It is also a great first step to connecting with life at Mission Hills. We gather for about an hour and 15 minutes to sing in worship together, listen to a message from God’s Word, and pray. We offer services in a variety ways and languages.On Sunday mornings, we offer two services in English. Our first service, Traditions (9am)This is geared primarily to an audience who loves to sing hymns and doesn't like the music quite as loud. Our second service, Celebrate! (10:30am)This is our family service. The music is contemporary and a little louder than Traditions. During this service, we also offer kids and youth services.On Sunday nights, we offer our Español service at 6pm. This service is very similar to our Celebrate! service, except it's in Spanish. Kids and youth services are also provided during this service.


We love our families! Mission Hills Kids will be ready to care for your children during our services. Middle School and High School students are invited to join us in the main service for the worship part of our service. After singing, the youth are dismissed to a Youth Service, specifically designed for them.On the first Sunday of every month we invite youth to stay in for the whole service. This is intentional. Studies show that 50-80% of students leave the church when they leave high school. One of the ways to combat that is to have them involved in the intergenerational service.On the last Sunday of every month, the elementary kids will be brought in for the music and hear a short kids message from the stage and then head back into the kids room.We can’t wait to meet you and your family!