Todd MacKerron

Outreach Pastor

Todd is a career ministry person who has served in various roles, but has an amazing heart for seeing people meet Jesus and grow in their faith. Todd is passionate about helping send young people to camp where they can experience God in all new ways.

Todd has been serving the Coachella Valley by doing ministry with Tesoro Club at the East end of the Valley. Every Tuesday, he helps lead a Bible Study for Middle School boys. On Fridays, he helps lead a Bible study for High School boys and on Saturdays, he helps lead outreach events for Elementary and Middle School Students. They recently just started a soccer league.

Todd also serves in the community by working with the Narrow Door. At the Narrow Door, Todd drives trucks to pick up food donations, build donation boxes and helps to hand out these boxes to those in need.

If that wasn’t enough, Todd is also a key volunteer in the Kids ministry at Cornerstone where Todd is a master story teller and game leader.